Singer/SongwriterCurrent projects are Apollo Under Fire and Lotus Crush. Past projects include Candlebox and redlightmusic.
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ProductionActively producing albums for bands ranging from up-and-coming to stadium-filling mainstays.
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For HireAvailable for hire as a songwriter, touring guitarist, session musician and producer.
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Talent HuntingCurrently accepting fresh talent with promise to mentor, produce and get noticed in the overly-crowded recording industry.
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Peter’s Story

Music began to have a major impact on my life at a very early age. I would listen to Casey Kasem’s Top 40 radio show every chance I got.  I grew up with an older brother and sister and being the youngest, I would often be exposed new music listening through the door of my brother, Steve’s, room. I remember very clearly when I heard Pink Floyd’sDark Side of The Moon for the first time and being almost a little frightened by it.  It hit me hard and twisted my reality for that moment; what an experience it was…
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Music Production

Peter resides in Tampa FL and often works out of The LaLaMansion (Tampa) and Limelight Studios. He also has access to the thinkloudstudios, a versatile 5-apartment recording property for band members to stay in, stuffed with world-class equipment.





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Fading Away Say It Again A Cigarette Over And Over Gotta Believe Wings Inside You Refuse Hearts and Minds Hold On Come Away Black Hole Heart Modern Man Back To You Sparkling Braces