About Apollo Under Fire

Apollo Under Fire is a band that strives to reach the soul.  In a day and age where we seem content to focus our attention outward, AUF is using music to look inward.  Over the last 20+ years, they have each soul searched their way through the music industry song by song, with a wide range of success, all the while learning more about themselves and growing closer to God. Two of those paths came together in 2013 when Donald Carpenter (SubmerseD, Eye Empire) met Peter Klett (CandleboxLotus Crush) at a Benefit Concert they were both performing at in Orlando, FL for the Johnny Damon Foundation.  The two immediately connected and had sparked what would become Apollo Under Fire. In early 2014, the stars aligned again. DC and Peter were both coming off the road and had been presented with the opportunity to get in the studio and start writing.

Music Videos

Fading Away Say It Again A Cigarette Over And Over Gotta Believe Wings Inside You Refuse Hearts and Minds Hold On Come Away Black Hole Heart Modern Man Back To You Sparkling Braces