About redlightmusic

If you’re looking for the hard rock bombast that was Peter Klett in Candlebox, you’ll find it. What you’ll also find is the more melodic and ethereal, but equally as volatile side of rock n roll. The result is redlightmusic, a Seattle band with a sound clearly its own.

The band’s self-titled debut on Digital Musicworks International (DMI) was produced by Peter Klett along with Kelly Gray and mixed by Steve Thompson (Guns and Roses-Appetite For Destruction). redlightmusic finds Klett singing in addition to the expected role of guitarist, with many of the songs borne out of his battles with substance abuse. However, rather than dwell on the pain of addiction, the songs instead focus on the life perspective gained by overcoming such an obstacle. What has resulted is a triumphant collection of spiritually intense and life-affirming songs that are uplifting without being preachy. He bears his soul on these songs, and the result is candid, open and honest.

Music Videos

Fading Away Say It Again A Cigarette Over And Over Gotta Believe Wings Inside You Refuse Hearts and Minds Hold On Come Away Black Hole Heart Modern Man Back To You Sparkling Braces